Not Exciting Enough

Article author Molly Roberts suggests that to many Democrats, Hilary Clinton does not “belong to enough categories of disenfranchised people” to make here exciting. She goes on to argue how if Hilary were black, gay or poor more people would be likely to vote her and that the card she and so many people in the older generation have counted on for so long – her being a woman – is no longer enough. Finally, she makes a plea to that the criticism Hilary endures is too much and that before any woman is in the White House people are overly scrutinizing the “kind of woman” who might get there. As a Millennial woman who identifies with the Democrat party, I have to argue with this article in its entirety. Roberts suggests that Millennials are out to vote for the “hot” disenfranchised people for Presidency and that Hilary being a woman isn’t “hot” enough anymore. The honest truth is, Millenials understand Hillary from about 1994 on – maybe not even that far back. While her husband’s policies brought a time of economic prosperity (which only some of Millennials remember) everyone knows about her husbands multiple affairs with women other than Hillary. They are mentioned in high school textbooks and continuously referenced by journalist and academia casually. However, to Millennials – especially Millennial women this is not a casual matter.


Our mothers, sisters and friends fight every day for us to develop into strong, independent woman. This ideal woman we are striving to be does not tolerate men who cheat. While our grandmothers and great-grandmothers considered a woman to be strong if he stayed to keep the family intact and weak to leave, times have changed. Millennial women view Hillary not only as weak for staying with her adulterous husband, but doing so to be part of a greater political machine which is not “in” right now during the time of insurgent campaigns. I see Hillary Clinton and her millions of dollars in Goldman Sachs funds for what it is; her actions speak louder than words during a campaign where both candidates are so well-versed they can manage to say nothing at all. The real shame is I don’t even agree with Bernie Sanders all that much but, I don’t trust Hillary. I don’t trust her to make the choices someone with a heart and soul to make. During the debates, she is robotic and acts entitled to the nomination.  It’s the entitlement she continuously portrays that is killing her. Millennials saw Hillary Clinton lose the election to a Junior Senator. If it wasn’t her time then, why is it her time now?



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