Weed has become a billion-dollar industry in Colorado, raking in $996 million in taxes. Of that, $35 million will be put to school construction projects. One can only imagine the perks of living in a state with that much extra money in taxes would mean for homeless, school children, infrastructure and lower-taxes on residents as whole. It is both shocking and devastating to see these opportunities for state and federal revenue to not be immediately pursued as the rest of us citizens watch Colorado reef the benefits.

This lends to itself to the idea of what if marijuana was legal and taxed at the same age and rate as alcohol? Certainly, the economic benefits – projected $50 billion federal revenues and growing – would be enough to sway even the strictest marijuana enforcers. However, it appears that the economic benefits and research behind this non-harming-to-others drug is not enough. The propaganda the War on Drugs waged against it, making it a Schedule 1 drug joining the ranks of heroin, was not enough. No matter how conveniently Congress lifted the medical marijuana ban on marijuana, because it was costing more not to, the stated reasoning was never recognizing marijuana’s bullshit reputation as a Schedule 1 and recognition that it is safer than both alcohol and cigarettes.

But you already knew that didn’t you? Seven-in-ten Americans understand that weed is more harmful than alcohol. And if weed became legalized on a federal level,63% believe that alcohol would still be more harmful to society. If you haven’t already agreed with the majority statements, let me explain why….

No one has ever, nor could ever, die from an overdose on weed. While over 30,000 people die from overdosing on alcohol each year. How many millions of people have died because of alcohol poisoning since our country’s formation? Due to lack of official records dating that far back we can only guess.

Have you ever heard about those people who get too drunk so start a fight that then ends in legal fees? Well, marijuana is not a violent drug. In fact, the more weed inhaled the more non-violent its users become because being high results in unproductivity more than anything. Making it a great drug for hoodlums to be on because they won’t do ANYTHING except sit and watch cartoons.

But don’t let reasoning be the element that convinces you because it’s certainly not what will convince Congress with the millions of dollars in lobbying the alcohol and cigarette industry put into banning legalization of the herb. Look at the billion of dollars Colorado has made with it’s budtenders having nowhere to put the money because banks (federally backed) refuse to take the money.

Mo’ money mo’ problems. Soon, the federal government which is nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, would like to make a dent in lowering that soon.



  1. thedinnertablesite · April 22, 2016

    Great post! As a former dispensary budtender, this hits close to home. Though marijuana definitely has side effects, in many cases (especially medicinal cases) it can do more harm than good and certainly much more good than alcohol and other legal substances.

    One thing you mention that I enjoyed was that marijuana is the ‘best drug for hoodlams’ because it would make them ‘sit around and watch cartoons’ instead of commit crimes. This is very on point. One thing I’d like to point out is that, ironically, the messaged preached during the war on drugs to kids was that marijuana is dangerous and can encourage criminal behavior because it is a ‘gateway’ drug to other, harder substances. In actuality, this gateway effect is only present when marijuana is illegal. A marijuana high doesn’t lead users to crave different highs nor have studies shown it to encourage other drug use. What encourages other drug use is the fact that the same street dealer selling you illegal marijuana also has other, equally assessable (and in many cases, more affordable) drugs to offer; remove the proximity between marijuana and hard drugs though legalization and you remove the gateway effect.

    I linked to you in a post I have about the war on drugs: check it out it you’d like 🙂


  2. theweeklydoseblog · May 2, 2016

    I would like to start with saying that I am not a user of marijuana but am around a lot of friends and family members that are. I believe that with anything, as long as it is illegal, it will be more highly desired. If something is illegal, people will feel challenged to get that thing or perform that act. Being that I am around it a lot, I can say that marijuana smokers are very mellow and calm when under the influence. Never have I seen a friend get angry while smoking, unless they mixed alcohol, then that would be another story. I am not a promoter or marijuana usage, but by making it such a big deal in refusing to legalize it, young adults get a high from simply getting their hands on the drug. For this reason, I love the points you made in this posting. I agree with every point and believe that although almost everyone around us smokes nowadays, there are much more dangerous drugs out there.


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